Price List

Wall Product
The Windsor Wall
The Penelope Pink Wall
Writings on the Wall
Floral Arches
Whole Day Price
Wall hire includes artificial grass if required
Booking Deposit - £50 (non refundable)
Protection Deposit - £100 (refundable - *please see small print)
Final Payment needs to be made 2 weeks prior to event
Payment Methods - Bank Transfer or PayPal - details given on booking

*Our products are well made and stand strong - we would love for them to be returned that way.

To protect our precious products, we ask for this so in the event there is any damage we can cover the cost to fix before our next customer. If the wall is collected with no damage then you will receive a full refund however if there is any damage we will determine the cost of this and deduct accordingly from the deposit. 

Damage includes; Structure damage, Spillages/Stains, Removed flowers.

If you would like to fill out an enquiry form, please download here and email us at thewallflowerofhampshire@gmail.com